How old is the company?
Atharva Enterprises, the parent company of Concord Spaces completed 10 years in business in March 2010


What is Concord Spaces?
Atharva Enterprises, Atharva Housing and Atharva Realty are the parent companies of Concord Spaces. All firms carry out their construction activities / branding / advertising under the common banner of ‘Concord Spaces’. It has been since 2004 that all external communications of the firms have been made under this brand name


Completed Projects?
  • Premier Heights (Paud Road)
  • Chintamani Paradise I & II (Paud Road)
  • Chintamani Paradise Row Houses (Paud Road)
  • Concord Proxima (2008)
  • Concord Portia I (2010))


Upcoming Projects?
  • Concord Pushpak (2012), Lohegaon
  • Concord Pakhar (2012), Off Law College Road
  • Concord Portia II (2012), Balewadi


What are the documents (required from the developer) to procure a loan from your bank?
  • Sanction plan of the project
  • Development agreement / Sale Deed
  • Power of attorney
  • Commencement certificate
  • 7/12 extracts
  • Mutation entries
  • ULC certificate
  • NA order
  • Your booking agreement and proof of your share of contribution


How much loan amount can I expect the bank to sanction?
Your loan eligibility depends primarily on your income (credit profile). Your bank will scrutinize your financial documents to tell you of your eligibility. If you are well eligible, the bank will disburse 85-90% of the cost. You are expected to pay your entire share before the bank disburses its share.


How is stamp duty calculated?
  • 0 – 250,000 - 0.50%
  • 250,001 – 500,000 - (3.00% * amt > 250,000) + (0.50% * 250,000)
  • 500,001 and above - (amount – 500,000)*5% + 6350 + 1250


How is registration calculated?
1% of flat cost to a maximum of Rs. 30,000/-.


What is PBAP / Pune CREDAI?

Pune Credai (Previously known as PBAP) association was formed in 1982 with a view to promote quality consciousness amongst its member and to create awareness of Government Legislations. The association has a stringent procedure to accept members and requires them to adhere to a strict policy of ‘dealing fairly with customers’, ‘dealing with honor and dignity’ and friendly cooperation among builders.


The association establishes a code beginning with the title of the property under development and has wide ranging guidelines that deal with construction quality, labor welfare, amenities, refund of money, defect liability and so on. The association from time to time has taken up issues distressing the builder’s community as well as issues nagging customers










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